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Regulated Binary Options Brokers

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Why Regulated Binary Options Brokers?

Ever wondered who regulates the Binary Options industry and how it’s regulated?  Have you ever made a decision to trade online with a specific broker based on the question of regulation?

Regulated Binary Options Brokers will guide you through the process of choosing a reliable and honest broker. We have researched and, based on our findings, we are now in a unique position to offer advice to traders with all levels of experience.

There are currently only two jurisdictions where Binary Options Brokers can adhere to regulation and obtain a valid license in order to offer the services of Binary Options trading, Cyprus and the United States of America. In Cyrpus the governing body is CySec and in the US the governing body is the CFTC.

The regulations imposed by these organizations protect the money invested by the traders. They ensure that regulated binary options brokers follow strict procedure when accepting new traders. Before a trader can even make a deposit, regulation stipulates that the potential trader needs to send proof of identity together which can be linked to the depositing method of the trader. Only after this has been received, the broker can then permit the customer to begin trading.

Similar to making payments, the process of withdrawals is also protected by regulation. For example, any deposits made by credit card which result in a profit for the trader, withdrawals must be taken with an amount equal to the initial deposit amount refunded to the initial credit card used for the transaction.

Another purpose for the regulation to be so stringent around deposits and withdrawals is to counter tax evasion, fraud and money laundering.

However, there is currently no regulation regarding the actual trading platform. Unlike the online gaming industry, there is no necessity to publish an independent audit which checks the timings of price data. This means that, unless there are independent reviews, even regulated binary options brokers could be found to be providing incorrect real time price information. With this in mind, the mission statement here at RegulatedBinaryOptionsBrokers.Com is to put all the needs of the trader as our number one priority.

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